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About THZ™

THZ™ founders have over 30 years of leading edge data driven technology development experience.

THZ™ is able to leverage vast technological experience to develop, optimize, service, and manage robust AI business systems.

To know us you need to know our technology journey starting with the F22 Raptor and F35 Lighting, world’s best connected, responsive and predictive tactical and stealth combat aircraft!

Customer Experience optimization and management including identification, data and message unification  journey mapping, personalization, and customer engagement at THZ™. Digital omni channel marketing and advertising portfolio optimization and management company utilizing open source and and Microsoft ISV  marketing and ecommerce technology systems at Prime Interactive. SEM optimization and management company announced as the “world’s largest SEM” in 2003 at Keyword Ranking. eHealth telecommunications  network, servers, and  and application infrastructure human-time route cause analysis and management systems at CA Technologies. Airborne Radar/IR  surveillance, strategic, and tactical aircraft systems, scan and phased array target detection, electronic warfare, information dominance systems, real-time and command and control systems at GE| LMC| BAE.

Experience a new age of Business Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology’s fourth revolution is now poised to transform every industry, Just as computers did proliferating in the 1960s, transforming business around the world. The second was during the 1980s when consumers became customers for personal computers, without which, the Internet and third revolution would not have flourished.

Between now and 2030, it is estimated that AI will create $13 trillion of GDP growth. While it has already created tremendous value in leading technology companies such as Google, Baidu, Microsoft and Facebook, much of the additional waves of value creation will go beyond the software sector.

THZ™ Approach

Build robust AI systems and relationships with the understanding that businesses will prosper by being able to balance the value of AI with the value of ‘human’ relations, connections, and interactions.

THZ™ Mission

To be a key AI contributor, ushering in the fourth technology revolution, providing companies of all sizes AI services, solutions, and innovations. 

THZ™ Vision

To engage, motivate, and energize companies, helping them to embrace AI technologies, systems, and applications to achieve optimal business and employee growth.

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