Customer Experience Optimization
Customer Experience Optimization
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Customer Experience in Todays Connected Environment
Customer Experience in Today’s Connected Environment

Customer Experience Optimization (CXO) is the process of optimizing the way your customer sees, hears and feels about your business or brand. Customer experience optimization includes every touchpoint and interaction a customer has with your business. The customer experience optimization is gained iteratively over the customer’s entire relationship with your brand throughout the customer journey including traditional & digital touchpoints and personal interactions, accumulating over a span of seconds or even decades of exposure.

Customer Experience Optimization is an incremental process for businesses to achieve efficient, organic growth and opportunity. CXO requires effective cross-functional team collaboration to achieve clarity, productivity, and creativity to maximize the delivery of products and services of the highest possible value.

THZ answers to the age-old business question – “How can we increase our revenue and profits?” The answer begins by starting off by discussing of all things … hydraulics, friction, and erosion – It is important to understand that customers and people, in general, will naturally take the path of least resistance. An analogy to this in nature is when water flows down a river, it will follow the natural path of least resistance, meandering more and more over time, settling into a calm flow. Now we can discuss customer journey mapping. Then a customer experience maturity model analysis is performed to identify current business customer experience stories, capabilities, processes, and applications.


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