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THZ brings two decades of performance business growth combining rigorous scientific DoD and Telecom based techniques, practices, procedures, and technologies  – delivering  Real-Time Data Science  ML  AI Services, Solutions and Innovations.

“THZ Data + AI Simplifies profitable business growth!”

What we Do

THZ Data Science ML AI Opportunities, Insights and Solutions


Identify existing and new existing data opportunities


Identify new business insights


Develop Data + AI driven solutions


Develop solution reporting and Real-Time Data Science ML AI Systems

Data + AI R & D

Data + AI R & D

Leading Data + AI

THZ leading edge data + AI services, solutions, and innovations.

Machine Learning

THZ Managed Machine Learning

Real-Time Data + AI Systems

THZ Real-Time data + Ai systems simplifying profitable business growth.


Research & Development

Today’s business critical data services, solutions, and systems are improving at business terahertz speed!


Data + AI Systems Technology


Business Departments and Platforms


We work with a wide variety of industries & users

THZ brings two decades of client growth and retention combined with rigorous scientific DoD and Telecom based techniques, practices, and procedures delivering  real-time Data + AI Services, Solutions and Innovations.  THZ has worked with over 2500 clients first as the largest SEM in the world in 2004, 2012 one of the first Omni-Channel performance marketing and business systems company, and now above the clouds into the future of to simplify  profitable Business growth with Big  Data + AI!


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Customer Innovation

THZ Tactical I R & D department is eager to work with you!

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